A Green Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Straws

Welcome to Green Stem Straws! We are a company that offers environment-friendly replacements to plastic straws. Check out our products today!

Our Products

We provide our customers with an environmentally friendly and Plastic-Free alternative to drinking straws. Our products include:

5″ Wheat Straw – 100 Pack


5″ Wheat Straw – 500 Pack


8″ Wheat Straw – 100 Pack


8″ Wheat Straw – 500 Pack


8″ Reed Straw – 50 Pack


Wide Opening for THICKER type drinks

8″ Reed Straw – 100 Pack


Wide Opening for THICKER type drinks

Why switch to Green Stem Straws?

At Green Stem Straws, we are dedicated to applying the best practices for the environment. Our company advocates for going plastic-free. By opting to use our products, you will be able to help in reducing the plastics thrown in landfills and the use of fossil fuels. You will also aid in preventing plastics from causing further harm to marine life.

Green stem Straws: best Wheat Drinking Natural Straws in USA

Straw may seem insignificant, but they are a part of a huge problem because they’re not recyclable. You may have noticed different articles related to plastic straws and their harmful effects on the environment. According to studies, nearly 90% of plastic straws end up in landfills or oceans.

A need for alternatives to plastic straws has risen dramatically in recent times, with wheat straws often being used as natural drinking straws. Companies like Green Stem Straws have provided a great alternative to use against plastic straws that affect environmental sustainability.

Where Can I Buy Natural Straws?

Recently, the trend has shifted to natural straws, with more people opting to buy natural straws to not only sustain the environment but also to keep their own health in check as plastic has chemicals that enter a body during consumption. Stored like Green Stem Straws recognizes the demand and is offering grass straws or wheat straws as natural alternatives to plastic ones.

Recently, new startups have been funded for a new range of straws that promises to be edible, flavored, and biodegradable. Wheat straws are most commonly used, and have two options to them – flavorless, and transparent. These edible straws are a great alternative to plastic and are eco-friendly to boot. A small bar of environmental sustainability is raised by using these natural drinking straws, setting a chain reaction for eco-friendly choices to make.


Use of Natural Straws

Using wheat straws and similar alternatives help make a difference by eliminating the use of plastic straws. An estimated 180 billion straws are used each year, and are not properly recycled or disposed of. These plastic straws end up in oceans and do not decompose easily. They end up endangering the marine life by either strangling them or ending up undigested in their bodies.

Natural alternatives to plastic straws have become an initial step towards awareness creation to use these alternatives as a part of daily life. Using natural drinking straws also helps save marine life, because even if they end up in oceans, they are edible.

Environmental authorities should create awareness campaigns to promote the use of wheat drinking straws and other alternatives to help the environment as much as possible.