The Importance of Plant-Based Straws

Straws made from plants have garnered great appreciation and attention from both users and environmental protection movements who promote their use as an alternative to traditional plastic straws. These biodegradable plant-based straws are made from oils and starches obtained from plants – mostly corn. Since these straws are 100% plant-based, they decompose easily and are edible, in most cases.


Can You Eat Plant-Based Straws?

Drinking straws made from plants are edible as their main ingredients are oils and starches extracted from different edible plants.

These straws pose no health risk as they are made from pure plant-based extracts. Thousands of plastic drinking straws are used daily; replacing them with plant-based straws can reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.

What Are Hemp Paper Straws?

Another great alternative to plastic straws is hemp paper straws made from fibers extracted from hemp stalks. These plant-based straws are biodegradable, which means they can be disposed of easily. However, these straws are not edible as hemp itself is not a palatable plan. The raw material used in making hemp straws is eco-friendly and sustainable and is an excellent alternative to plastic straws.

Use of Hemp Paper Straws

Hemp drinking straws can also be used for drinking your favorite beverage Just like traditional plastic straws, these hemp paper straws are ideal for both commercial use and home use. Hemp straws are available in a variety of colors that make them attractive to both children and adults.


  • A sturdy and better alternative to traditional plastic straws
  • The raw material used in making hemp drinking straws come from a renewable source
  • Sustainable for the environment and are biodegradable
  • Hemp farming for commercial use reduces the effects of global warming

Hemp farming can provide a seamless supply of raw material through regular cultivation and in this way, play its own part in environmental sustainability. As governments get more serious about global warming, the need for such plant-based straws is growing rapidly.


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