5″ Wheat Straw – 100 Pack


5″ Wheat Straw – 500 Pack



8″ Reed Straw – 100 Pack



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8″ Wheat Straw – 100 Pack


8″ Wheat Straw – 500 Pack



Organic & Paper Drinking glass Straws

Plastic straws have been seen dumped in oceans mostly and due to their long life, do not decompose easily. Hence they create a danger for aquatic life, and must be recycled to prevent doing more harm to the environment. Fortunately, awareness has spread about the alternatives to plastic that are both biodegradable as well as eco-friendly. Here we discuss the three most common alternatives to plastic straws.


Organic Drinking Straws

Organic drinking straws are a cheap and rather convenient alternative to traditional plastic straws. The most common forms of organic straws are wheat, grass, and other plant-based straws. Some of these are edible which reduces dumping, and because of their being organic  decompose easily. These organic drinking straws are simple and safe to use without harming the individual’s health or the environment. Irrespective of the material used to produce them, these eco-friendly straws are durable enough to be carried around, and are mostly used in schools, picnics, parties, BBQ’s, and restaurants.

Glass Straws

Another cheap and portable alternative to plastic are straws made of glass. You can buy these glass straws at wholesale rates from the market, and carry them in a case. These straws are a suitable alternative to plastic straws and can be used multiple times. Biodegradable and easily recycled, these glass straws are also relatively low-cost, and can be cleaned easily.

Paper Drinking Straws

Paper drinking straws are also a cheap alternative to plastic straws and are relatively inexpensive to produce. Each year, tons of plastic is produced and later dumped in oceans or end up in landfills. Paper drinking straws can only be used once, and then either recycled or discarded. The paper itself can be recycled easily to form alternative paper for multiple use.