Uses and Benefits of Ryegrass Drinking Straw

What is a Ryegrass Drinking Straw?

With the controversy surrounding the use of plastic straws and their harmful effects on the environment, there have been multiple alternatives produced to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic straws. To this end, people have used the hollowed-out stems of different plants as an aid to drinking, with the most common being grass straws. Ryegrass is a common wild grass that was used in the late 1800s for drinking purposes, before the advent of plastic straws. A Ryegrass straw is a single-use alternative to plastic straws that is available to use these days.


Uses of Ryegrass Drinking Straws

Ryegrass is a robust and hollow stalk that is from a family of grass that grows rye grains used in making bread or flour to make rye cookies and others. Ryegrass drinking straws are becoming a popular alternative to plastic straws throughout the globe. Ryegrass straws are grown naturally and are an organic alternative to plastic straws. The raw material of plastic is exhaustible while ryegrass is a naturally-occurring plant that can be harvested almost any time of the year, making the raw material in continuous supply. A ryegrass straw is a one-time useable item that can be easily discarded without any harmful effects. Alternatively, ryegrass drinking straws can be used as fodder for grazing animals once they are discarded. In these ways, they are a great alternative to traditional plastic straws.

Benefits of Ryegrass Straws

There are multiple benefits associated with using ryegrass straws. Here we list some significant benefits:

  • They are a cheap alternative to traditional plastic for purposes of production and availability
  • They are available throughout the year, so there is no shortage
  • Can be used and easily discarded, as they are not harmful to the environment
  • They can be used as fodder for cattle

The above are some of the most common benefits associated with ryegrass drinking straws.

Along with being environmentally-friendly, a ryegrass drinking straw also has economic and health benefits. From a commercial perspective, ryegrass grows quickly and is relatively cheaper to produce. The crop can be harvested anywhere easily, and the straw stem can be obtained after properly separating it from the grain and other parts. This alternative to plastic is increasing in popularity due how easy it is to use and discard.


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